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IIT Patna: A Journey Began

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IIT Patna: A Journey Began

IIT Patna administrative building Indian Institute of Technology Patna administrative building

Acquire of transit campus

There is an interesting story by which IIT Patna acquired the transit campus from where it operates till now (June 2015). In 2008, when IITP was about to start, government of Bihar was searching for place where the institute could be hosted temporarily. It was found that Navin Government Polytechnique college was expanding with new buildings. The Bihar government acquired the new building of the Polytechnique college and started IITP. The Polytechnique college also had students' hostel. But due to internal dispute, and unruly nature of the local ploytechnique students, there was no law and order inside it. Polytechnique college administration failed to bring the law and order inside the hostel premises and closed it. IIT saw that as a golden opportunity, acquired the hostel and college building and started the journey.

So, IIT patna occupied a two stored building of Navin Government Polytechnique and took the students from IIT JEE examination. The Institute started with three BTech stream, namely Computer science and engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Initially IIT Patna was mentored by IIT Guwahati. IITG's director, Prof. Goutam Barua, was IIT Patna's director as well. Many professors from IITG came to teach the IIT Patna students.

Very soon, IIT Patna started hiring faculty members. Faculty were hired on urgent basis for the department of Computer science and engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Humanities. They were accommodated in nearby multistoried apartments. The Institute building also started expanding. The initial two stored building was converted to four stored building.

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