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IIT Patna: A Journey Began

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IIT Patna: A Journey Began

IIT Patna STPI building Indian Institute of Technology Patna STPI building

First Director

In 2009 June, Prof. Anil Kumar Bhowmick of IIT Kharagpur took charge as a Director of IIT Patna. He took initiative to grow the institute. One more building was built which is now called as science block. Nearby a software technology park was lying vacant as no software company came to Bihar to occupy that. IIT Patna occupied that building and utilized to established laboratories, faculty sitting room, class room etc. Students' hostels were also built simultaneously.

IIT Patna logo

In the year of 2009-2010, logo of IIT Patna was finalized. The logo has a gear wheel signifying 'Technology'. The logo incorporates the 'Shrivasta' symbol, thereby establishing a connection with Buddhism that originated from Bihar. The book symbolizes that the Institute is going to be a seat of learning. The Greek symbol 'Pi' is used to symbolize mathematical language used abundantly in science and technology literature. The concept of numeric character 'Zero' ( 0 ) was known by Aryabhatta and he was from this place. It symbolizes rich history of knowledge in Bihar. The saffron and the green bands of this logo represent the colors of the Indian flag. Blue color has been chosen for the text and symbols because it is the color of the Ashoka chakra/wheel in our national flag. The gear represents the engineering knowledge where as the atomic orbitals symbolize education and research in science. The sun within the gear wheel symbolizes the spread of knowledge in all areas. The Sanskrit "Sloka", "Vidyaarthee Lavathey Vidyaam" is written inside the logo which means "One who aspires wisdom, attains it".

IIT Patna logo
Indian Institute of Technology Patna logo

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