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IIT Patna: A Journey Began

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IIT Patna: A Journey Began

IIT Patna administrative building Indian Institute of Technology Patna administrative building

Faculty and students

The recruited faculty were very young, dynamic, enthusiastic and hard working. They started developing laboratories required for BTech course work. All the instruments required to set up the laboratories were brought and installed. Laboratory instruction manual everything was ready. During this period IIT Patna saw huge growth in terms of infrastructure development setting up the labs, library, workshops computer center and many other things required for BTech teaching. In 2012, first BTech batch was passed out.

Although initial few years BTech curriculum development was prime interest, research were never neglected. The Institute started taking PhD students from the year 2009. PhD students start graduating from IIT Patna. Till date (June 2015), IITP developed the capability of hosting more than 1000 students.

IIT Patna student hostel Indian Institute of Technology Patna students' hostel

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