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IIT Patna: A Journey Began

Google page ranking algorithm

Crawling a website

Performance measure of a website

Code of a crawler to fetch title, keyword, description

import chilkat
# The Chilkat Spider component/library
spider = chilkat.CkSpider()
# The spider object crawls a single web site at a time.
# Add the 1st URL:
# Begin crawling the site by calling CrawlNext repeatedly.
for i in range(0,100):
success = spider.CrawlNext()
if (success == True):
# Show the URL of the page just spidered.
print spider.lastUrl()
# The HTML META keywords, title, and description are available in these properties:
print spider.lastHtmlTitle()
print spider.lastHtmlDescription()
print spider.lastHtmlKeywords()
# The HTML is available in the LastHtml property
# Did we get an error or are there no more URLs to crawl?
if (spider.get_NumUnspidered() == 0):
print "No more URLs to spider"
print spider.lastErrorText()
# Sleep 1 second before spidering the next URL.

output of the above code when appllied to "http://tutorialpoint.org"

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