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Performance Measure of a Website


For a person trained in engineering science, the term performance measure evokes an impression consists of mathematical expressions of objective/cost function. However in web technology it has not been evolved in such a precise way to quantify. Performance carries different meaning to different website owner because objectives of different websites are different. For example for a e-commerce website it means how much transaction is happening throughout the day. For a website, hosting advertisements like to concentrate on the click on the advertisement banner. For a website like wikepedia the performance means the impact on community and society knowledge base. Whatever be the performance measure of a website everybody wants quality traffic in their website. The websites which are simple, faster, efficient, carries quality material are popular. In this article we shall try to summarize the basic measurable points which are used to characterize the performance qualitatively.

Necessity of crawling

There are billions of pages available on the web. Most of them are inter connected to each other. When we search for any query on the search engine, it will have to find information about the searched query. Using crawling it finds relevant results from web, which we get as output of search engine. Obviously the return of web page is not online. It means that the pages are crawled offline and information about the pages are stored. The output of search is returned from the stored data.

Different performance metrics

By measuring your website performance metrics and refining your website based on those metrics you can improve your website performance. If you work to improve performance metrics, your website may become popular, on the other hand if you ignore them, you could be losing out potential customers and conversions accordingly. There are several ways to measure your website marketing performance, all of which you should be analyzing on a monthly basis. Some important metrics are give bellow used to determining performance of a website.

Unique visitor traffic

The number of individual visitors to your site during a defined period. It is also very important to know the location from where traffic is coming. It directly affects the global rank and country rank of a website. If we are getting a good number of unique visitor traffic, it means that the website start appearing in first page in search. If the repeat visitor is high, it means content of the website is useful for users.

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