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Repeat visitors

The percentage of visitors who return back to your site gives the value of repeated users. A higher percentage of repeat visitors suggest that prospects are finding your content interesting and informational enough to come back for more. A healthy rate is around 15 percent, if you have less than 10 percent, visitors are probably not getting what they are looking for, more than 25 percent suggests you are struggling to drive enough new traffic to you site.

Bounce rate

The percentage of visitors who leave your site quickly having no interactions. It is negative thing for a website. A high bounce rate suggests that, although you are successfully getting visitors to your site, but your audience is likely finding nothing of value and has no reason to stay, they are not getting anything interesting. An alternate explanations for a high bounce rate includes unclear calls to action or poor site architecture. You will have to make some desired changes to your website.

Keyword performance

The keywords that are bringing organic traffic to your site. This is one of the most important metrics for website marketing and requires evaluation on a regular basis to enable you to adapt campaigns and content accordingly. Using an effective and efficient keywords, can be helpful in generating specific content that your customers are searching for.

Inbound links

Url links from sources other than search engines that connects directly to your website are known as inbound links. Inbound links not only increase the number of new visitors to your site, they also boost your ranking in search engines. Inbound links should grow at a steady rate as more number of people share your content. You should track this monthly to determine what the type of content others are linking and produce more in the same mark in order to generate further inbound links.

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