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Performance Measure of a Website (cont'd...)

Service to monitor performance of a website

website owners can monitor the performance of their websites in terms of traffic, search return, unique visitors, nature and geographic location of the visitors. Google, Bing, and other search engines provide the supports free of cost. To get the service you have to enroll, and proof that a particular website for which you want to retrieve the information is own by you. Google webmaster provides the keywords for which your web page appears, position of web page in search, total clicks, inbound links, indexed pages and many.

Another important service from Google is Google Analytics. It provides unique visitor, bounce rate, page per session, location and nature of the visitors, realtime visitors, average session duration and many. Google Webmaster and Analytics together provide a complete picture about the performance and health of your website.

Do and do not

(i) Develop website with quality content. If content is good and useful the website name will be spread through word of mouth.

(ii) Check for and fix broken links in your website.

(iii) item Website should contain more text compare to photograph, banner, etc.

(iv) Web page must contain a title, precise key words and description.

(v) If you are describing or illustrating something in depth try to use the topic name inside the header tag.

(vi) Try to find out clear navigation plan for your website

(vii) Google cannot read picture. It can read text only.

Please provide suitable title and alternative text to photographs.

(viii) Try to avoid flash. It has no impact on organic search, moreover loading-time increases creating bad patch with your website.

(ix) Do not employ hidden text or link. For example do not write text or link in white.

(x) Avoid linking your website with web spammers, or suspicious websites.

(xi) Do not use keyword, description, title, header tags which are not fully relevant with your text.

(xii) item Do not create multiple pages with same or similar content.

(xiii) Do not create domain with the intention to confuse users.

(xiv) Google bot should be warned not to follow the paid links, social links etc.

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