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Electromagnetic Theory

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Lecture notes on Electromagnetic theory

Developed by Dr Sumanta Gupta


The following notes on "Electromagnetic Theory" have been developed to teach UG students of IIT Patna in the spring semester. The notes are only a guideline to start learning a vast subject like Electromagnetic Theory. I strongly believe that this class notes are NOT substitute of any book and have not been written for any commercial purpose. These notes are adopted from various wonderful text and reference books listed below. So the readers are requested to consult these books for more knowledge about this wonderful subject. If there is any unintentional mistake or lack of clarity in the notes please revert back to me using my email address:

List of Books: (In Random Order)

1. Classical Electrodynamics: J D Jackson: 3rd Edition
2. Principles of Electromagnetics: M N O Sadiku: 4th Edition
3. Electromagnetic Waves and Radiation Systems: E C Jordan and K G Balmain: 2nd Edition
4. Electromagnetics: B B Laud
5. The Feynman Lectures in Physics Vol. 2 : The definitive edition
6. Microwave Devices and Circuits: S Y Liao
7. Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design: C A Balanis 8. Antennas and Wave Propagation: A R Harish M Sachidananda
9. Introduction to Electrodynamics: D J Griffiths
10. Foundation of Electromagnetic Theory: J R Reitz, F J Milford, and R W Christy
11. Schaum's outlines series: Electromagnetics 3e (sie): 2nd edition
12. Schaum's outlines series: Theory and Problems of Vector Analysis SI (metric) Edition

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