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Electromagnetic Theory

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Lecture notes on Electromagnetic theory

Developed by Dr Sumanta Gupta

Lecture 1: Coulomb's law

Lecture 2: Gauss' law and it's application

Lecture 3: Poisson's equation

Lecture 4: Solution of Poisson's or Laplace's equation

Lecture 5: Polarization and Dielectrics

Lecture 6: Magnetostatics

Lecture 7: Biot-Savart's law

Lecture 8: Ampere's law and magnetic vector potential

Lecture 9: Magnetic material

Lecture 10: Maxwell's equation and electromagnetic wave

Lecture 11: Propagation of electromagnetic wave

Lecture 12: Reflection of electromagnetic wave

Lecture 13: Polarization of wave

Lecture 14: Solution of wave equation

Lecture 15: Antenna

Lecture 16: Radiation pattern of Antenna

Lecture 17: Radiation pattern of Antenna (cont'd...)

Lecture 18: Finite length dipole

Lecture 19: Loop Antenna

Lecture 20: Few worked out problems

Lecture 21: Few worked out problems (cont'd...)

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