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  • Chapter 5. Adverb (Cont'd...)


    5.6 Some adverbial phrases (cont'd...)

    in an evil hour
    in an auspicious moment
    in endless way
    from beginning to end
    through and through
    once for all
    for good and all
    by way of comparison
    as an analogous case
    by way of an example
    at the top of one’s voice
    on the present occasion
    to this effect
    in the same key
    as matters now stand
    under(in) these circumstances
    with an unswerving spirit
    of reverence
    in a plaintive voice
    in chorus
    in an accent of perplexity
    in course of time
    in process of time
    in some measure
    to some extent
    in some degree
    at the call of duty
    for old acquaintance’ sake
    with clasped hand
    once upon a time
    at times
    in accents
    interrupted by sobs
    under one’s breath
    in and out

    at home and abroad
    in a whisper
    with one eye’s shut
    on demand
    in disguise
    with a high hand
    in the nick of time
    at the right moment
    in a violent tremor
    in the twinkling of an eyes
    in an instant
    in an instant
    at the dead of night
    on the other hand
    to the contrary
    to all instant and purpose
    in the point of fact
    side by side
    by return of post
    at the bottom
    in good part
    in an open handed manner
    with a lavish hand
    on the whole
    taking all things together
    on reliable authority
    from a reliable source
    time after time
    in the extreme
    in order of merit
    out of doors
    on all hands
    on all sides
    on every side

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