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  • Chapter 5. Adverb (Cont'd...)


    5.2 Classification of adverbs (cont'd...)

    iv. Adverbs of place express where an action takes place.
    Go there.
    Come here.
    Don't come too nearer.
    Away went the runners.
    Down went the ship.
    Some of such adverbs are by, down, here, near, up, above, anywhere, below, somewhere, far, thence, hither, thither, in, outside, up, somewhere, nowhere, away, abroad, etc.

    v. Adverbs of sentence qualify the whole sentence.
    Certainly, you have done it.
    Unfortunately, the boy failed.
    Luckily, he has been rescued.
    Some of them are: definitely, surely, then, now, so, perhaps, probably, obviously, therefore, moreover, however, otherwise, consequently, besides, evidently, indeed, frankly, honestly, naturally, officially, admittedly, undoubtedly, presumably, etc.

    vi. Adverbs of degree and comparison express how much or in what degree or to what extent an action takes place.
    You are wholly wrong.
    I am very careful of that.
    The more the merrier.
    The child is half willing to go outside.
    Partially, wholly, so, sound, somewhat, half, how, much, very, too, quiet, almost, so, little, rather,fairly, hardly, absolutely, barely, completely, enough, entirely, extremely, only, rather, really, scarcely, so, too, very, etc. are the examples of adverbs of degree.

    vii. Interrogative adverbs are used for interrogation, i.e. to know something.
    Where is your mother?
    When will she come?
    Why is she not here?
    How will she return?
    How many times are you warned?
    How high is the peak of Everest?
    Why, when, where, how long, whence, whither, how, wherefore, etc. are the example of interrogative adverbs.

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