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  • Chapter 5. Adverb (Cont'd...)


    5.6 Some adverbial phrases

    In this section, we list some adverbial phrases below.

    one by one
    by two
    one after another
    day by day
    day after day
    year after year
    little by little
    bit by bit
    by little and little
    again and again
    drop by drop
    step by step
    by and by
    by degree
    at every step
    at intervals
    in the mind
    far and near
    once and again
    far and wide
    far and away
    at the last moment
    at the eleventh hour
    first and foremost
    now and then
    now and again
    off and on
    once and again
    in good time
    by force
    with great care
    on account of
    on the score of

    by reason of
    by chance
    by mistake
    through oversight
    by the bye
    by no means
    by any means
    on no account
    at random
    out and out
    over and above
    over and over
    through and through
    thus and thus
    to and fro
    with blood shot eyes
    in great haste
    with a frown
    with confusion
    without hesitation
    without wincing
    on second thought
    with one’s knowledge
    without one’s knowledge
    in one’s absence
    in the open air
    many days after
    in hot haste
    in great hurry
    at the top of one’s speed
    with a steadfast look
    without winking

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