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  • Chapter 6. Articles (Cont'd...)


    6.1 Use of indefinite articles (cont'd...)

    ‘An’ is used in the same sense as ‘a’ but in front of the words:

  • Starts with a vowel. For example: an ox, an egg, etc.
  • Starts with consonant having vowel sound. For example: an M.A., an M.D., an heir, an honest boy, an hour, an honorable gentleman, an M.L.A., an M.P., an STD, an SMS etc.
  • 6.2 Use of definite article

  • Before a singular common noun, representing the class or kind. Example: The cow is a useful animal.
  • Before a person or thing referred before. For example, Look at the following sentences.
  • The academy of fine arts held an exhibition on painting at Town hall, in Calcutta. Some selves were put up to display the paintings. During the exhibition, the shelves fell down, injuring a visitor.

    Now you may observe that we use ‘the’ when it is clear which one we mean. We say ‘an exhibition’ when we first mention it, but ‘the exhibition’ when we again mention it (i.e to indicate the exhibition just mentioned).

  • To particularize the person or thing. As example: The boy stood on the burning deck.
  • To denote the possession. He struck me on the (my) head
  • Before the names of nations not of the language. For example: The English are a very disciplinarian race. English is the mother tongue of the English.
  • Before the names of rivers, seas, gulfs, group of islands (not island), mountain ranges (not single mountain), ships, newspaper, professions, descriptive or significant (meaningful) geographical names of places, sacred books, religious book, public places, historical events, trains, aeroplanes, satellites, political parties etc.

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