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  • Chapter 6. Articles (Cont'd..)


    6.2 Use of definite articles (cont'd...)

    For examples: The Ganges, the Indian ocean, the Bay of Bengal, the Persian gulf, the Andamans, the Himalayas, the Titanic, the Times of India, The bar, The bench, the Panjab, the Decan, the USA, the Gita, the Mahavarata, the Koran, the Bible, the secretariat, the French revolution, the Panjab Mail, the congress, etc.

  • Before the name of the things which are only one. For example, the sun, the moon, the earth, etc.
  • Before the superlative degree of adjectives. Such as, the best boy, the greatest patriot, etc.
  • Before comparatives (as adverbs/ as contrast): The more the merrier. He is the cleverer of the two.
  • Before adjectives used as noun. Ex: The virtuous are happy. The rich are not always happy.
  • Before an ordinal number. As for example; George the sixth
  • Before the date of month. Example: The 10th May.
  • Before the musical instrument. Example: the violin.
  • Before proper, material, and abstract nouns used as common. For example: Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India. The water of the Ganges. The honesty of this man is praiseworthy.
  • Before common noun used as abstract. Example: The mother in her rose.
  • To make the adjective as abstract. Example: Don't leap in the dark.
  • Before adjectives to denote the particular part of thing. The yellow of an egg.
  • Before the adjective, adverbial phrase or clause when they qualify noun. As such: the black dog, The man who came here is my friend.
  • Before the plural name of the family. For example the Boses.
  • Before the noun to indicate the sense of superlative. For example: He is the singer of the day.
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