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  • Chapter 11. Clause (Cont'd...)


    11.2.3 Adverbial clause

    The adverbial clause acts as an adverb and expresses time/ place/ cause/ effect/ purpose/ condition/ contrast/ degree/ manner etc.

    1. When the adverbial clauses express time, they are generally introduced by when/ while/ whenever/ since/ before/ after/ till/ until etc.

    (a) Work while you work.
    (b) Look before you leap.
    (c) When the cat is absent, the mice will play.
    (d) The patient had died before the doctor came.
    (e) So long as I am here, you need not fear.
    (f) The student tried hard till he succeeded in the exam.
    (g) Whenever the election came, the canvass of the parties raised to a high level.
    (h) Wait until I come.

    2. The adverbial clauses of place are generally introduced by where/ wherever/ whence/ whither etc.

    (a) Return whence you came.
    (b) Stay where you are.
    (c) One’s shadow follows one wherever one goes.
    (d) You must go where I send you.

    3. The adverb clauses of reason or cause are generally introduced by as/ for/ because/ since/ that/ whereas/ as much as etc.

    (a) “As he was ambitious I slew him”.
    (b) He could not come because he was ill.
    (c) I hate him since he was a convicted person.
    (d) I am glad that he has won the game.
    (e) I helped him for he needed help.

    4. The adverbial clauses of effect are generally introduced by that/ so that etc.

    (a) The problem is so hard that I cannot solve it.
    (b) Swamiji spoke so well that every audience was charmed.
    (c) You were so late I could not wait.

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