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  • Chapter 11. Clause (Cont'd...)


    11.2.3 Adverbial clause (cont'd...)

    5. The adverbial clause of purpose are generally introduced by that/ in order that/ least etc.

    (a) The murderer fled in order that he might escape.
    (b) We read that we may learn.
    (c) We walked fast lest we should be caught in a shower of rain.

    6. The adverbial clauses of condition are generally introduced by if/ unless/ in case/ whether/ on condition/ provided etc.

    (a) If it rains, I shall not go out.
    (b) A student may go out of his class provided the teacher permits him.
    (c) One should try, whether he succeeds or not.
    (d) In case I fail, I should try again.
    (e) Unless there is time, I shall not catch the train.
    (f) Had I been there (If I had been there), I would have assisted you.

    7. The adverbial clauses of contrast are introduced by though/ although/ considering that/ however/ whatever/ even/ even if etc.

    (a) Although he is poor, he is honest.
    (b) Whatever intelligent he may be, he must submit to whims of nature.
    (c) Whatever the consequences (may be) I shall surely help my friend in distress.
    (d) The boy deserves success considering that he worked so hard.
    (e) “Though vanquished, he would argue still.”
    (f) Even if I fail, I shall not give up hope of success.
    (g) Whoever he may be, he cannot have any access to enter the stage.

    8. The adverbial clauses of degree, comparison or proportion are generally introduced by than/ as/ the etc.

    (a) Joshep is taller than I (am).
    (b) The more you read, the more you learn.
    (c) He cannot walk as fast as I can.

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