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  • Chapter 16. Conjunction (Cont'd...)


    16.2 Coordinating conjunction

    Co-ordinating conjunctions are of four kinds.

    (a) Copulative or cumulative conjunction: They copulate/ fasten together or make union. And, as well as, also, too, not only ... but also, further, moreover, both etc. are examples of copulative conjunction.

    (b) Adversative conjunction: It contrast one idea to the other. For example:
    He is poor but honest.
    The student made many mistakes; however the teacher did not rebuke him.
    The boy is physically challenged but tries to establish himself.
    But, yet, still, however, only, nevertheless, whereas, on the contrary, only, etc.
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    (c) Alternative/ disjunctive conjunctions: They provide choice between two ideas or things. For example:
    Rise early or you will not complete your work.
    He will neither do nor make other to do.
    Or, nor, either ... or, neither ... nor, else, otherwise, etc.
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    (d) Illative conjunction: It denotes an inference, i.e. forming of conclusion. There is a relation of cause and effect between the joining clauses. For example:
    (i) Get yourself ready; for it has already been too late.
    (ii) The student did not study hard; therefore (so, consequently) he failed in the examination.
    (iii) There is fog at Dumdum; therefore the plane has been diverted. (The plane has therefore been diverted/ the plane, therefore, has been diverted).
    Therefore, so, consequently, for, them, etc.
    are examples of illative conjunctions.

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