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  • Chapter 16. Conjunction (Cont'd...)


    16.4 Correlatives (cont'd...)

    Both ... and

    Subjects connected by 'both … and' take the a plural conjugation.
    Both Mihir and mainak were absent in the class.
    She is both intelligent and beautiful.
    He is both reach and powerful.

    So ... that

    The patient is so weak that he cannot speak.
    The boys are so tiny that they cannot reach up to the branches of the tree.

    Such ... as

    Only such candidates are eligible for the post as have obtained the certificates of fitness.
    His weakness was such as to cause our anxiety.
    Such was my fate that nobody had come to help me.
    The moral weakness was that he could not stand at cross examination.
    This is the same story as you have told several times.
    He is the same person as I had seen before.
    No sooner had I reached the station than the train left off.
    No sooner did Tom see me than he ran away.
    Hardly we touched the switch when it gave a shock.
    Scarcely had the tiger jumped when the gun dropped from his hand.
    Scarcely had we left the house when it began to rain.
    Scarcely was he gone when we reached the place

    Note 3: Here we are to note that in clauses beginning with no sooner, hardly, scarcely, the auxiliary precede the subject.

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