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  • Correction
  • Simple Conjugate
  • Correction of Common Errors (Cont'd...)


    Higher Secondary Examination (HS) 1966, Comp

    Incorrect: Galileo discovered the telescope.
    Correct:    Galileo invented the telescope.

    Incorrect: There are too many books in the national library.
    Correct:    There are a great many books in the national library.

    Incorrect: If it will rain, I shall not go.
    Correct:    If it rains, I shall not go.

    Incorrect: The boy succeed to pass the exam.
    Correct:    The boy succeed in passing the exam.

    Incorrect: I want a pen to write.
    Correct:    I want a pen to write with.

    Incorrect: He went to the shop with a view to buy books.
    Correct:    He went to the shop with a view to buying books.

    Incorrect: I said him to go home.
    Correct:    I told him to go home.

    Higher Secondary Examination (HS) 1967

    Incorrect: He is in very much distressed.
    Correct:    He is very much distressed.

    Incorrect: The train is running in full speed.
    Correct:    The train is running at full speed.

    Incorrect: A policeman took her at the hospital.
    Correct:    A policeman took her to the hospital.

    Incorrect: Your brother met me before two days.
    Correct:    Your brother met me two days ago.

    Incorrect: He killed the bird by an arrow.
    Correct:    He killed the bird with an arrow.

    Incorrect: You may buy two apples in a rupee.
    Correct:    You may buy two apples for a rupee.

    Incorrect: The teacher was angry on the boy.
    Correct:    The teacher was angry with the boy.

    Incorrect: The girl's father married her with a rich man.
    Correct:    The girl's father married her to a rich man.

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