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  • Chapter 13. Narration (Cont'd...)


    13.3 Assertive sentences

    Take more examples for assertive sentences:

    Direct: Shyamal will say, “I have done this work.”
    Indirect: Shyamal will say that he has done that work.

    Direct: He said, “My sister is singing a song.”
    Indirect: He said that his sister was singing a song.

    Direct: Mother said, “God is merciful.”
    Indirect: Mother said that God is merciful.

    Direct: The boatman said, “It will rain tomorrow.”
    Indirect: The boatman said that it would rain the following day.

    Direct: The doctor said to them, “The man dies last night.”
    Indirect: The doctor said to them that the man had died the previous night.

    Direct: He said to me, “I was reading a drama yesterday.”
    Indirect: He told me that he had been reading a drama the previous day/ the day before.

    13.4 Interrogative sentences

    Direct: He said to me, “Are you ill ?”
    Indirect: He asked me if (or whether) I was ill.

    Here reporting verb ‘said’ has been changed into ‘asked’ and instead of that ‘if’ connects the two parts of the sentence as the interrogative sentence does not begin with W/H. We note that interrogative sentence becomes assertive in form.

    Direct: He said to me, “Will you go home on Saturday?”
    Indirect: He asked me if (or whether) I should go home on Saturday.

    Direct: I said, “Why do you put this question to me?”
    Indirect: I asked why he put that question to me. (Here connective is not needed)

    Direct: He said to me, “What was your intention?”
    Indirect: He asked me what my intension was.

    Direct: He said to me, “Who are you?”
    Indirect: He asked (inquired of) me who I was.

    Direct: He said to me, “What makes you laugh?”
    Indirect: He asked me what made me laugh.

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