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  • Chapter 13. Narration (Cont'd...)


    13.7 Exclamatory sentence

    Direct: The children said, “How happy we were there!”
    Indirect: The children exclaimed that they had been very happy there.

    Direct: He said, “Alas! what a pitiful sight it was!”
    Indirect: He exclaimed with sorrow that it had been a great pitiful sight.

    Direct: He said to me, “What a beautiful garden it is!”
    Indirect:He told me with joy that it was a very beautiful garden.

    Here please note that the exclamatory word ‘alas’ has been removed with ‘with sorrow’. Practically during narration change all exclamatory words must be removed. Some other words expressing their meaning and the exclamatory sentence will be transformed into assertive sentence. The Table 13.5 - 13.6 express the exclamation sense.

    Table 13.5 Exclamation sense

    Exclamation Sense
    Ah regret
    Hurray joy
    Tut-tut/bosh/fool/fie contempt
    Ah/ alas/alack sorrow
    Ugh disgust
    Pooh/pshaw ridicule
    Ha ha amuse
    Bravo/capital applause

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