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  • Chapter 13. Narration (Cont'd...)


    13.7 Exclamatory sentence (cont'd...)

    Table 13.6 Reporting Verb for different senses

    In the sense Reporting Verb
    Sure agree
    Hello greet
    No disagree/deny
    Yes agree
    Ha, ha! laugh
    Sorry apologize
    Careful warn
    Very good appreciate
    Well done congratulate
    Heavens is astonished
    Hah! strange was surprised

    A few more examples

    Direct: He said, “Good bye, my friends!”
    Indirect: He bade good bye to his friends. Or, he bade his friend good bye.

    Direct: He said to me, “Thank you.”
    Indirect: He thanked me.

    Direct: He said to me, “Good morning! How do you do?”
    Indirect: He wished me good morning and asked how I was.

    Direct: The soldier said, “ For shame, you coward.”
    Indirect: The soldier cried shame and told him coward.

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