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  • Chapter 17. Participles and Gerunds (Cont'd...)


    17.2.1 Rules of using gerunds (cont'd...)

    I am confident of winning his favor.
    The Hindus have custom of burning the dead.
    I am fed up awaiting him at the station.
    I am sorry for keeping you waiting.
    To-day everybody is interested in making money quickly.
    In spite of starting late he arrived in time.
    This is a tool for opening the cold drink.
    I am desirous of going abroad.
    After running five miles the boys felt tired.
    I am tired of arguing.
    She disapproves jogging.
    What about leaving it here and collecting it later.
    The convict is thinking of emigrating.
    They escaped by sliding down a rope.
    The driver was fined for being drunk.
    I am against saying anything.
    I am saying nothing.
    I am looking forward to receiving you.

    (ii) The pronoun governing the gerund must be in the possessive case:
    He insisted on my going there.
    What do you think of son’s being an engineer.
    I object to your saying this.

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