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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb

    Put (cont'd...)

    The old gentleman put down (wrote) in his diary that he would always put aside (saver/lay aside) something for his old age; but he put it off (postponed) when his son put in ten years service in the hope that his son would not surely put up (raise) a fence between them. But now though his son and wife put up with (live) him in his house, they cannot put up with (bear with) his inability to do any work due to his old age. Now the old man has no other way but to lament for running through his whole fortune.

    Put out means not only to put out an intruder, to extinguish as to put out a fire, a lam, a candle, a torch, and to stretch forward or extend as to put out the hand and to place interest as to put out money at interest but also to confuse or disconcert or annoy and to publish and to shoot as the bush put out buds.


    As the clock in the house had run down (stopped) the man was late in the office where he heard that a theft had run away with (fled) the keys of the office and the security ran after (chased) him. The thief could not run off (run away/ break loose from control). So he was caught and when he was brought to the office we saw that the thief looked run down (too much tired). When query ran on (continued) the thief confessed that he ran into debt and his whole fortune had been run through (wasted).

    When the dog ran at (attached) the hare, it was run over by a speeding taxi. Generally the students run through (examined hurriedly/ glance over) in a short time. Seeing the ship run against (collide) the rock the boat runs up (raised) the red flag.

    In her talk he always runs on (talk incessantly) so that nobody can get into a word. The vegetables run to seed (go to waste).

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