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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb


    The captive was always casting about for (looking for/seeking) an opportunity to escape. But the vigilance was so active that he had cast aside/away/off (left) his plan. As a result he was cast down (depressed) but he was not cast the plan out (rejected) totally though his wife always cast down (ashamed) her eyes at the mention of his name.


    When a minibus came upon (fell on) the scooter from behind the accident came about/off (happened), we the two friends came across/upon (met suddenly) the victim who came of (was born) a good family and we came by (got) his voter card and soon got him admitted to the nearby hospital. On the other side the police chased the bus and soon came up with (caught) the bus driver. Later the hospital report came out (published) that the victim came to (got sense) and gradually came round (healed) though the medical expenses came to (amounted) a high figure. The result came up to our expectation. Later the driver came in for (received) punishment and came down with (paid) the cost of medical treatment and we came off (fared) victorious.


    While a trader always cries up (praises) his own goods. His co-trader always cries down (decry) him. But when the beggar cries to (begs) them both of them falls on him.


    To cut down the tree with an axe is easy, but to cut down the puja expenses will cut anybody off (separate) from his kith and kin. While such conversation is going on the third man cut in (take part suddenly) the middle and criticized them. At this they were cut up (cut into pieces) the roast at the table. In the mean time, a messenger told them that his friend was cut off (died) in an early age.

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