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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb


    The student who goes for (is regarded) a scholar is going through (examining carefully) the book for he is going in (apart at/sit for) for his examination as he wants to go in for (practice) law. In case of his failure he will go through (experience) a great suffering and he will not be able to go on (carry on) his studies and all his labor will go for (fail) nothing. In such hard days his cost of suffering is gradually going up (rising).

    When the sun went down, a gust of wind made the lamp go out suddenly (extinguish) and his going over (examining) the account. He stopped your story that such student's failure will not gone down with (be accepted) by the people who will go go forth (appear) to welcome him for they could not go aside (leave) from the decision.

    The dog went after (chase) the hare who was going about for (looking for) it's prey. The hare went aside (went a little way off) in the jungle and the dog failed to go about (set to work at) its business.

    Anybody will go with (agree) us where we say that in time of famine people are to go without food for days together and they cannot go upon (follow) the existing principle. They are compelled to go against their good will and steal food and go back (fail to keep) upon/from the common practice. As they go beyond (go prescribed limit) their capacity they can not have a good rule to go by (follow) which they had in the family in their days gone by (passed).


    When the student handed on (pass on) the notes to his classmates in the examination hall, he was caught by the teacher. The matter was handed over the head master who handed in (tender) his examination. The story of Nachiketa had been handed down (transmitted in succession) from age to age.

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