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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb


    When the student who was hanging about the examination hall was scolded by the teacher, he hung down his head with shame and hung back to his room.

    The bill has been hung over (postponed/hold over) for the non-cooperation of the opposite side for its passing hangs on (resorts to) their positive support. Please hang upon (depend) on his words.


    If you hold back (hide) your weakness from your teacher, you must hold back (be behind), and your teacher must hold out (extended) his hand in your need. The student who holds to ( sticks to) / holds by (adhere to) or holds on (attached to) his studies and holds off (keep aloof) agitation and can hold in (check) his restless mind and holds up (keeps up) his spirit of winning for long must hold up (exhibit) his supremacy in studies. In this matter we all hold with (agree) anybody. The plan was held up (postponed) for lack of funds.


    The little children should be kept away/off (remained at a distance) from fire and bad company. Now-a-days as the joint family tries to keep the good earning member down, generally that member always tries to keep away/off (ward off) the family and keeps at (continuous) his work to keep to (adhere) his promise of being wealthy to keep up (maintain) his prestige to his wife who always keeps on (continuous) ringing the bell of his promise. So the good willing man always tries to keep back (conceal) his help from his wife. It is hard to keep up with (keep pace with) the hope of his wife and the trouble arise to keep them together. In such circumstances the man must keep his passion under (retrain), otherwise he must keep up (remain awoke) the whole night. Everybody must keep in with (agree) me in this concept.

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