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  • Chapter 19. Phrasal Verb (Cont'd...)

    phrasal verb


    Though the rich man who has not laid on (to provide something without charging) gas or electricity or water in his house, lays out a large sum of money in business for he always lays up/ aside (put away/ save) by something little by little for future. It is like the ants who lay in (store) supplies for winter.

    When the strict principle was laid on (applied) the little boy was laying blows on all sides of his mother with crying.

    It is laid down (written) in History book that when all other kings laid down (submitted) themselves before Alexander only the king of Puru did not; rather laid out (arranged) troops against his advance.

    When the labor was laid off (sacked), as he was laid up (confined) to bed with fever, he laid his resignation paper before the officer. The gardens and grounds were laid out (disposed in order).


    When the lioness was looking after (taking care of) her bay cabs, the lion went about looking about/for/out for searching in the jungle. The mother lion was also looking forward (waiting eagerly) to his coming back with prey. Looking into (inquiring) the matter is not the same with looking over (examining) or looking through (examining carefully) or look to (attend) affairs. If you look on/upon (regard) look up to (respect) him as a succinct writer, you should look up (seek) his best book whose price will look up soon. The poor people who look to you (reply on) should not be looked down upon (hated). I shall look in (pay a short visit) in any holiday.

    As I forget, I always look out (find) the telephone number in my diary. I look out (be aware of) at night as the area is not so peaceful. An onlooker might not look down upon anybody passing by. The creditor looks to (watch) the guarantor for payment. Shepard must look to (take care of) his herd and the week look to (resort to) God in his perplexities while look up to is the opposite of look down upon.

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