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  • Chapter 15. Preposition (Cont'd...)


    15.8 Same word with different preposition

    I shall abide by this rule with my father at Bombay in Calcutta.
    I shall accompanied by my friend.
    I was suffering from fever accompanied with headache.
    Accompanied by a personwith a thing.
    Adapted to one’s ability for a purpose from the original.
    Agree with a person on a point to a proposal.
    I agree with you on this point to this proposal.
    We are alarmed at/by the news for our safety.
    I was angry with you for your deed at/about your failure.
    I was annoyed with you for your going there at your conduct.
    I was amused at/by/with your story.
    I have an antipathy to smoking but not against or to you.
    I am anxious for the prize and about the result.
    Associated with a person in business.
    Attacked by person with fever.
    Attend to your teacher, upon the patient at the station for him.
    Attended by person with a thing.
    Authority for such statement (proof) on politics (expert) with/over some one (personal influence).
    Blessed with (possess) in (happy) his children.
    Blind of/in one or both eyes to fault.
    Bound for home by contact in honor.
    Burst into tears out laughing.
    Busy at desk in doing work, with his lesson about nothing.
    Charge against him of the affair.
    Charge a person with a fault; a fault on a person.
    Charge the price to him.
    Claim upon/against him to the money for damage.
    Compare with like things to unlike things.
    Compensate him for his loss with similar thing.
    They were concerned in a plot at their failure about the result for.

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