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  • Chapter 15. Preposition (Cont'd...)


    15.8 Same word with different preposition (cont'd...)

    Entrust the thing to him. Entrust with the thing.
    Equal in rank with a person at/in misfortune.
    Faith in God with person.
    Familiarity with (intimate) person; Familiarity to person (well known).
    Someone feeds on. Feed someone with.
    Feel for a person in his trouble.
    Fight for the poor with/against rich.
    Fire at the bird into/upon the mob. Fired with zeal.
    Fix ideas in mind, eyes on me, stamp on the envelope. The date was fixed up.
    Good for nothing at cricket.
    Grieve at/for/about the loss, for him over the dead.
    Grumble at/about the loss over the past.
    Guard from/against the attack/mistake over the prisoner.
    Hang it to/on/from hook, from the ceiling to/on the wall.
    Hatred of/for a person of a thing.
    Hear of/for someone from someone.
    Heir of a person to the property.
    Immune from/against infection.
    Import into a country from another.
    Influence with/over a person upon one’s mind.
    Inform against a person (complain) to a person of a thing.
    Inquire of a person about/into a matter.
    Inquire for/after someone.
    Going a thing to another with person to each other in a game.
    Jump at an offer to conclusion with joy.
    Labor at work under a difficulty for a cause.
    Lavish of money in expenditure, lavish upon person.
    Lean against the wall on stick upon someone to opinion.
    Lean against the wall on stick upon someone to opinion.
    Mad with anger on/about for/after thing with someone/ something.
    Match for person with something.

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