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  • Chapter 15. Preposition (Cont'd...)


    15.8 Same word with different preposition (cont'd...)

    Meddle with machine in one’s affair.
    Mix in society with a person up/in/with the plot.
    Moved by entraty to tears at the sight with pity.
    Murmur at low wages against tax.
    Oblige a person with something by doing.
    Offend against a rule.
    Offended with a person at an action.
    Opportunity for action of doing.
    Originate with/from person in/from a thing.
    Overcome with fatigue by entreaties.
    Overwhelmed with grief at something.
    Parody on/of a poem.
    Part from/with person with (give up) something.
    Penetrate through lives into/to the village (place).
    Play at a game on instrument with person/feeling.
    Plead with a person for/against something.
    Pleased with a man at one’s conduct.
    Point out mistake at person to some defects.
    Possessed by/with the devil; an idea of wealth.
    Prised at the table over the meeting.
    Prevail on person (agree), with person over/against difficulties.
    Take pride in, pride oneself on; Proud of somebody.
    Proceed with a thing to a new thing from the source against someone.
    Quarrel with a person about/for/over a thing.
    Ready at figures in answer for departure.
    Reason for doing something with person about something.
    Rest with person upon something.
    Result of test; result from vice in misery.

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