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  • Chapter 15. Preposition (Cont'd...)


    15.4 Use of preposition

    A preposition may govern a noun or any other parts of speech used as noun, i.e. a noun or its equivalent. Such as:

    The children came into the Giant’s garden; sat by him, got fruits and flowers in full and while they were about to depart from there, they were sure of winning the Giant’s heart and spoke word of honour. On the other hand, the Giant relies on what the children said about him.

    In the above paragraph, ‘into’ governs the noun ‘garden’; ‘by’ governs the pronoun ‘him’; ‘in’ governs the adjective ‘full’; ‘about’ governs the infinitive ‘to depart’; ‘from’ governs the adverb ‘there’; ‘of’ governs the gerund ‘winning’; ‘on’ governs the phase ‘the other hand’; and last ‘on’ governs the clause ‘what the children said about him’.


    at dawn, at six, at 4.30, at noon, at night, at midnight, at day-break, at home, at school, at the door, at a distance, at Christmas, at Easter, at the age of fifteen, at present, at war, at work, at play, at peace, at dinner, at hand, at university, at an address, at a certain point, ,at the bridge, at the crossroads, at the bus-stop, at liberty, at the moment, at the top, at the bottom, at the end, at 5 o’clock, at sea.


  • In case of traveling or transport: by car/ bus/ train/ plane/ helicopter/ boat/ hand, but on foot/ horseback/ cycle.
  • In case of sending: by hand/ post/ messenger/ letter/ e-mail/ telegram/ telephone.
  • In case of selling ( by Kg/ by the yard), driving (by steam/ petrol/ diesel/ electricity), destroyed by fire/ flood/ earthquake, know by name/ sight, teach by example/ pay by cheque / in cash/ in coin/ notes.
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