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  • Chapter 18. Transformation of Sentences (Cont'd...)


    18.3 Interchange of affirmative and negative sentence

    (i) By way of using negative word with opposite adjectives, an affirmative sentence could be transformed into negative sentence. As for examples:
    Affirmative: Man is mortal.
    Negative: Man is not immortal.

    Affirmative: He is honest.
    Negative: He is not dishonest.

    Affirmative: I shall never forget you.
    Negative: I shall always remember you.

    Affirmative: No one can escape death.
    Negative: All must submit to death.

    Affirmative: Brutus loved Caesar.
    Negative: Brutus did not hate Caesar.

    Affirmative: Where there is fire, there is smoke.
    Negative: There is no smoke without fire.

    Affirmative: Everybody distrust a liar.
    Negative: Nobody trust a liar.

    (ii) By the way of changing degrees of comparison:
    Affirmative: He is as good as I am.
    Negative: I am not better than he is.

    Affirmative: He is the best student.
    Negative: No other student is as good as he.

    Affirmative: As soon as the teacher arrived, the noise ceased.
    Negative: No sooner dis the teacher arrive than the noise ceased.

    (iii) There are also other ways to change a affirmative sentence to a negative sentence:
    Affirmative: None but the brave deserves the fair.
    Negative: Only the brave deserve the fair.

    Affirmative: He is too weak to walk.
    Negative: He is so weak that he cannot walk.

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