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  • Chapter 18. Transformation of Sentences (Cont'd...)


    18.3 Interchange of affirmative and negative sentence (cont'd...)

    Affirmative: Everybody wish to be happy.
    Negative: Who does not wish to be happy. or, There is none but wishes to be happy.

    Affirmative: Can anybody have faith in such a liar.
    Negative: Nobody can have faith in such a liar.

    Affirmative: Who can do it?
    Negative: Nobody can do it.

    Affirmative: He tried all plans.
    Negative: He left no plans untried.

    18.4 Interchange of interrogative and assertive sentences

    Here generally affirmative questions imply negative answer and vice versa. Examples are as follows:
    Interrogative: Who does not wishes to be happy.
    Assertive: Everybody wishes to be happy.

    Interrogative: Can I ever forget you?
    Assertive: I can never forget you.

    Interrogative: If you poison us, do we not die?
    Assertive: If you poison us, we shall die.

    Interrogative: If you prick us, do we not bleed.
    Assertive: If you prick us we shall bleed.

    Interrogative: If you tickle us, do we not laugh?
    Assertive: If you tickle us we shall laugh.

    Interrogative: If you wrong us, shall we not take revenge?
    Assertive: If you wrong us, we shall take revenge.

    Interrogative: O death, where is thy sting?
    Assertive: O death, thy sting is no where.

    Interrogative: O grave, where is thy grave?
    Assertive: O grave, thy grave is no where.

    Interrogative: Who can bear an unprovoked insult.
    Assertive: No one can bear an unprovoked insult.

    Interrogative: Who does not know him.
    Assertive: Everyone knows him.

    Interrogative: Are you not a cowered?
    Assertive: You are a cowered.

    Interrogative: Was he not a villain to do such a deed?
    Assertive: He was a villain to do such a deed.

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