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  • Chapter 18. Transformation of Sentences (Cont'd...)


    18.6 Interchange of parts of speech

    Observe the following sentence where same word in different form is used keeping the sense of the sentence same.
    The wise man generally acts prudently. (adv.)
    The wise man generally acts with prudence. (noun)

    Unfortunately the boy got plucked. (adv.)
    It was unfortunate that the boy got plucked. (adj.)

    The student attempted to answer the question carefully. (adv.)
    The student attempted to answer the question with care. (noun)

    The soldiers fought bravely. (adj.)
    The soldiers gave a brave fight. (noun)

    The boy gave a prompt answer. (adj.)
    The boy answered promptly. (adv.)

    His proposal was tactful. (adj.)
    He proposed tactfully. (adv.)

    The boy was looking wistfully. (adv.)
    The boy gave a wistful look. (adj.)

    His result in the examination pleased all. (verb)
    His result in the examination gave us pleasure. (noun)

    The businessman made an arrangement to start another business. (noun)
    The businessman agreed to start another business. (verb)

    Sourav batted marvelously. (adv.)
    Sourav showed marvelous batting. (adj.)

    The student is obviously intelligent. (adv.)
    It is obvious that the student is intelligent. (adj.)

    Mother wishes that her son will succeed. (verb)
    Mother wishes that her son’s success. (adj.)

    Her failure disappointed her. (noun)
    She failed and it disappointed her. (verb)

    We congratulated him heartily. (verb)
    We gave him a hearty congratulation. (noun)

    After a long walk, I was very tired. (noun)
    I walked long and I was very tired. (verb)

    His influence was overwhelming. (noun)
    He influenced overwhelmingly. (verb)

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