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clotting time

Lab 1 Determination of clotting time with the help of Wrighting's method (Cont'...d)

Consequences of thromboembolic condition

Femoral venous thrombosis: When the blood flow is blocked for many hours in any blood vessel due to immobility of the person. Generally during sitting for a long time or sleeping the blood clot in the leg vein (femoral part), occasionally in the common iliac and inferior vena cava.

Massive pulmonary embolism: The movement of the clot (1 in 10) is then towards the right side of heart followed by the pulmonary arteries and thus cause massive blockage of pulmonary artery, called the Massive pulmonary embolism.

Disseminated intra vascular coagulation: The condition can be raised due to presence of large amount of dying or traumatized tissue those are capable of releasing the tissue factors in the blood. Generally, when some bacteria or bacterial toxins are present in the blood vessels for long time, they provoke the activation of platelets and formation of thrombus. In long term, the thrombus are broken into tiny particles and spread up all over the blood vessels. This condition prevents the supply the oxygen and nutrition to the tissue due to plugging of blood capillaries by the emboli followed by exacerbates circulatory shock. This is the consequence of septic shock in case of 85% patients.


Sterilized needle, Sabraze's capillary tube (length 15 cm. & internal diameter 0.8-1.0 mm.), cotton, spirit, stop watch.


The clotting time can be determined by either 'Modified Dale's method' or 'Wrighting's method' and the normal rage depends on the method, used.

Wrighting's method

Finger of a subject is sterilized with spirit and pricked with sterilized needle. Time of pricking is noted. Sufficient blood is made to flow inside the capillary tube. The tube is broken and thread formation is noted in 20 seconds interval till a jelly like thread is come. The time to appear the thread is noted; it is the clotting time of the subject.

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