B.Pharm Lab. Instruction Manuals

Pharmacology I

APHE Anatomy, Physiology, and Health Education

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmacy study material

Bones and Skeleton System

Bone disease (Gout) (Rheumatoid arthritis) (Osteoarthritis) (Osteoporosis)

Cancer and music therapy

Memory of water

Osteoporosis: Treatment

Therapy for Osteoporosis (cont'd...)



Alendronate: preventive: 5 mg daily, 35 mg weekly, treatment: 10 mg daily, 70 mg tablet, 70 mg tablet with vitamin D2, 800 or 5,600 units, or 75 mL liquid weekly, Zoledronic acid: Preventive: 5 mg iv infusion every 2 years, Treatment: 5 mg iv infusion every year

Risedronate: 5 mg daily, 35 mg weekly, 75 mg on 2 consecutive days once monthly, 150 mg monthly.

Ibandronate: 2.5 mg daily, 150 mg once monthly or 5 mg IV infusion yearly

Mechanism of action

Decreases bone resorption by inhibiting osteoclast.

Adverse drug reactions

Nausea; heartburn; GI pain

Mixed Estrogen Agonists /Antagonists


Raloxifene: 60 mg daily

Mechanism of action

an estrogen receptor modulator (agonist on bone and antagonist on the breast and uterus)

Adverse drug reactions

Hot flashes, cramps, clotting in leg, eye and lung vein



200 units intranasal daily

Mechanism of action

Induces osteoblastic activity and inhibits the osteoclastic activity, also facilates the deposition of calcium in bone

Adverse drug reactions


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