B.Pharm Lab. Instruction Manuals

Pharmacology I

APHE Anatomy, Physiology, and Health Education

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmacy study material

Bones and Skeleton System

Bone disease (Gout) (Rheumatoid arthritis) (Osteoarthritis) (Osteoporosis)

Cancer and music therapy

Memory of water

3.5.3 Pharmacology I

Diazepam structure

Lab 7 Evaluation of muscle relaxation action of Diazepam using Rotarod (Cont...nd)

Statistical analysis:

Hypothetical (Significance) testing:

Gathering the sample data to assess how much evidence there is against a specific hypothesis about the population.


1. Define the null and alternative hypotheses under the study

2. Collect relevant data from a sample of individuals

3. Calculate the value of the test-statistic specific to H

4. Compare the value of the test statistic to values from a known probability distribution

5. Interpret the P-value (using GraphPad/ Matlab) and results

Flow charts indicating appropriate techniques in different circumstances (for hypothesis tests) [Ref. Petrie A. and Sabin C., Medical statistics at a glance, Blackwell science, 2000].

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