Completed Projects

  • "Studies on Maxwell Stress and Hysteresis Characteristics of Poly Acrylic and Silicone Based Elastomer", Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India, PI. Dr. Karali Patra, Co-PI. Dr. Shovan Bhaumik, duration 11/01/2010-29/06/2012.
  • "Multiple target tracking using nonlinear filters", Department of science and technology, under Fast Track scheme, PI Dr. Shovan Bhaumik. 16-03-2011-16-03-2014. 2.53L
  • "Descriptor System: Modeling and Control in Infinite Dimension Space", PI: Dr. Nutan Kumar Tomar; Co-PI Dr. Shovan Bhaumik, CSIR, 25(0195)11/EMR-II.
  • "Sparse Grid Quadrature Filter With Application in Bearings-only Passive Underwater Target Tracking Problem", PI Dr. Shovan Bhaumik, Naval Research Board, DRDO.DNRD/05/4003/NRB/296.
  • Ongoing Projects

  • "Underwater target motion analysis with passive sensors", Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) NPOL/17CR0008/SPA/GLF, March 2017- March 2019.

  • Last update: March 2017