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    47. A new wireless client is configured to join a 802.11 network. This client uses the some hardware and software as many of the other clients on the network. The client can see the network, but cannot connect. A wireless packet sniffer shows that the Wireless Access Point (WAP) is not responding to the association requests being sent by the wireless client. What is a possible source of this problem?

    A. The WAP does not recognize the client's MAC address

    B. The client cannot see the SSID of the wireless network

    C. Client is configured for the wrong channel

    D. The wireless client is not configured to use DHCP

    48. You are performing a penetration test. You achieved access via a buffer overflow exploit and you proceed to find interesting data, such as files with usemames and passwords. You find a hidden folder that has the administrator's bank account password and login information for the administrator's bitcoin account. What should you do?

    A. Do not report it and continue the penetration test.

    B. Transfer money from the administrator's account to another account.

    C. Report immediatly to the administrator.

    D. Do not transfer the money but steal the bitcoins.

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