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    81. An attacker has installed a RAT on a host. The attacker wants to ensure that when a use attempts to go to www.MyPersonalBank.com", that the user is directed to a phishing site. Which file does the attacker need to modify?

    A. Sudoers

    B. Networks

    C. Boot.ini

    D. Hosts

    82. The chance of a hard dove failure is once every three years. The cost to buy a new hard drive is $300. It will require 10 hours to restore the OS and software to the new hard disk. It will require a further 4 hours to restore the database from the last backup to the new hard disk. The recovery person earns $10/hour. Calculate the SLE, ARO, and ALE. Assume the EF = 1 (100%). What is the closest approximate cost of this replacement and recovery operation per year?

    A. $146

    B. $100

    C. $1320

    D. $440

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