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    103. A company's security policy states that all Web browsers must automatically delete their HTTP browser cookies upon terminating. What sort of security breach is this policy attempting to mitigate?

    A. Attempts by attackers to access passwords stored on the users computer without the users knowledge.

    B. Attempts by attackers to access Web sites that trust the Web browser user by stealing the user's authentication credentials.

    C. Attempts by attackers to access the user and password information stored in the company's SQL database.

    D. Attempts by attackers to determine the user's Web browser usage patterns, including when sites were visited and for how long.

    104. Which of the following is a design pattern based on distinct pieces of software providing application functionality as services to other applications?

    A. Service Oriented Architecture

    B. Lean Coding

    C. Object Oriented Architecture

    D. Agile Process

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