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  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv9) Questions and answers

    113. You have successfully compromised a machine on the network and found a server that is alive on the same network. You tried to ping it but you didn't get any response back. What is happening?

    A. ICMP could be disabled on the target server.

    B. You need to run the ping command with root privileges.

    C. TCP/IP doesn't support ICMP.

    D. The ARP is disabled on the target server.

    114. env x=-. :;};echo exploit' bash , 'cat /etc/passwd' What is the Shellshock bash vulnerability attempting to do on an vulnerable Linux host?

    A. Add new user to the passwd file

    B. Display password content to prompt

    C. Changes all passwords in passwd

    D. Removes the passwd file

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