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    15. Your company performs penetration tests and security assessments for small and medium-sized business in the local area. During a routine security assessment, you discover information that suggests your client is involved with human trafficking. What should you do?

    A. Confront the client in a respectful manner and ask her about the data.

    B. Ignore the data and continue the assessment until completed as agreed.

    C. Copy the data to removable media and keep it in case you need it.

    D. Immediately stop work and contact the proper legal authorities.

    16.In Risk Management, how is the term "likelihood" related to the concept of "threat?"

    A. Likelihood is the likely source of a threat that could exploit a vulnerability.

    B. Likelihood is the probability that a threat-source will exploit a vulnerability.

    C. Likelihood is the probability that a vulnerability is a threat-source.

    D. Likelihood is a possible threat-source that may exploit a vulnerability.

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